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Area 3 Chapters in the beautiful state of Maine:

*Bog Hoot Quilters-Mechanic Falls area
*Chickadee Quilters-Bridgton Area
*Classic Quilters of Lewiston-Auburn Area
*Country Aire Quilters-Turner Area
*Country Square Quilters-North Jay/Wilton Area
*Cross Country Quilters-Bethel Area
*Grammy's Choice Quilters-Canton Area
*Ladies of the Lake Quilters-Peru/Rumford/Dixfield Area
*Lisbon Krazy Kwilters-Lisbon Area
*Pine Needle Quilters-Norway/South Paris Area
*Scraps and Patches Quilters-Poland Area
*Village Scrappers Quilters-Livermore Area

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Quilting Tip of the Week 3.5.15

Instead of moistening your thread, try moistening the eye of the needle instead. It really does work!

Quilting Tip of the Week 2.26.15

The silver-metal hair clips are an economical way to hold your quilt bindings while sewing. Check out your local dollar store to save money!

Quilting Tips of the Week 2.19.15

Try saving your my empty paper towel rolls to wrap your pre-made bias binding on. When ready to use, put a string or ribbon through the roll and adjust the string to go around your neck.
In this way, the binding is always in front of you and hands free. It keeps the ends from getting twisted and away from your pets.

Quilting Tip of the Week 2.12.15

When you begin your free-motion quilting, always bring up your bobbin thread and while holding the two threads away from the needle, adjust your machine to a straight stitch with tiny length stitches. Start with about five tiny stitches, then clip the end threads and begin quilting!
In this way, you won't have to bury the treads every time you start and end your quilting. Your stitches are secure and you will barely notice them.

Quilting Tip of the Week 2.5.15

I'm always looking for ways to store my sewing/quilting supplies without costing lots of $$$. Recycle those empty paper towel and wrapping paper rolls and store your pieces of different interfaces in them. On a piece of paper, write the type of interfacing and the amount in the roll and starting with a number one, list them.
In this way, you know before starting a project or when you are low on one particular type so you can purchase some when it's on sale again. Take the section of directions and either roll inside the roll or tape on the outside of the tube.
There--for just a few minutes of work, you have saved yourself when shopping if you have enough of the proper interfacing to finish your new project. One more tip--if you purchase the water-soluble interfacing like I do, be sure to keep in wrapped up in plastic to keep the moisture out. You can just slip a clear plastic bag over your roll if you wish.

Quilting Tip of the Week 1.29.15

No time to sew charity quilts but still want to help? Cut your scraps into 4" squares and sew into nine-patch blocks. Bring to your next state meeting (or give to Kathleen) and they will go towards Project Linus quilts.
No time to sew? Just send the bag of squares to the meeting for those who lack the fabric but have the time to piece.

Quilting Tip of the Week 1.22.15

If you need to glue down a piece of fabric for applique, try using a bit of glue stick on a Q-tip to spread it exactly where you need it. It keeps the mess down to a minimum. Don't forget to use water-soluble glue!

Quilting Tip of the Week 1.15.15

Have lots of specialty rulers, larger squares and templates but lack of space to store them?  Peg board with hooks work well.
For larger items without hanging holes, I use the multi-rack systems sold at office supply stores. These usually come in heavy plastic or even better, metal, and hold tons of rulers and squares. I sort mine with the ones I use the most in the front rows and the ones I use the least in the back rows.

Quilting Tip of the Week 1.8.15

Get out those old white votive candles and use them to store your threaded quilting needles. The candle will hold the needles in place and the wax will help move the needle through the fabric quick as a bunny!

Quilting Tip of the Week 1.1.15

If you prewash your fabrics before using for fusible applique, do not fabric softeners. They will keep your fabrics from making the proper fusing to the fabric.

Quilting Tip of the Week 12.25.14

To use a cone of thread on your standard machine, try using a piece of a drinking straw over the pin and place your cone on it.

Friday, March 6, 2015