Area 3 Chapters

Area 3 Chapters in the beautiful state of Maine:

*Bog Hoot Quilters-Mechanic Falls area
*Chickadee Quilters-Bridgton Area
*Classic Quilters of Lewiston-Auburn Area
*Country Aire Quilters-Turner Area
*Country Square Quilters-North Jay/Wilton Area
*Cross Country Quilters-Bethel Area
*Grammy's Choice Quilters-Canton Area
*Ladies of the Lake Quilters-Peru/Rumford/Dixfield Area
*Lisbon Krazy Kwilters-Lisbon Area
*Pine Needle Quilters-Norway/South Paris Area
*Scraps and Patches Quilters-Poland Area
*Village Scrappers Quilters-Livermore Area

Friday, October 2, 2015

ABC Quilt Project

The Village Scrappers of Livermore have taken on a portion of the ABC Quilt project. Connie Warren has been the Chairperson for entire state for many years. Through discussions with Connie and our involvement with the project since 1995 we offered to assist with quilt distribution in the western part of Maine.  The area includes Hospitals in Farmington, Rumford and Lewiston. 

We are also covering Fire & Rescue for Jay, Livermore Falls, Fayette and Livermore. This year we delivered over 70 quilts to these facilities. Quilts and blankets were made for anyone from a new born to a teenager. 

The ABC Quilts Project originally was formed in 1988, to provide quilts for babies who were abandoned due to substance abuse or HIV/Aids infection. The program has evolved to include any baby or child in need. We give from the heart out of a generosity of spirit. The giving is without expectation of return. Although each quilt is personally signed by the maker with the message “Love and Comfort to you from…” there is no knowledge of who receives the quilt, nor personal delivery of the quilt to a specific child.
This will be an ongoing project with quilts being supplied to these locations as needed. If any other quilt group or individuals would like to be a part of this project please contact either, Karen at or Doreen at

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quilting Tip of the Week 10.1.15

I do a lot of sewing with scraps, so I use Connecting Threads Silver color thread. I fill three bobbins worth of thread and when they are all empty, I stop sewing and cleaning my machine.

After cleaning, give your machine a drop or two of oil. I also check my needle for burrs and if necessary, change it. I try my best to keep a tally of hours I sew with each needle.