Area 3 Chapters

Area 3 Chapters in the beautiful state of Maine:

*Bog Hoot Quilters-Mechanic Falls area
*Chickadee Quilters-Bridgton Area
*Classic Quilters of Lewiston-Auburn Area
*Country Aire Quilters-Turner Area
*Country Square Quilters-North Jay/Wilton Area
*Cross Country Quilters-Bethel Area
*Grammy's Choice Quilters-Canton Area
*Ladies of the Lake Quilters-Peru/Rumford/Dixfield Area
*Lisbon Krazy Kwilters-Lisbon Area
*Pine Needle Quilters-Norway/South Paris Area
*Scraps and Patches Quilters-Poland Area
*Village Scrappers Quilters-Livermore Area

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Laugh Of The Day

Quilting Tips of the Week 4.14.16

When attending a quilting workshop or retreat, why not wear an apron or tool belt to carry all your tools? In that way, they will always be at your fingertips...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Laugh Of The Day

Grammy's Choice Shares Their Latest Events

Thanks to Kris Ramos for forwarding this update to me. She assures me photo to come!:)
Starting Grammy's Choice meetings again after winter break, we wanted to do something special.  One of our members came up with the idea of having a tea party.  To keep the quilting aspect, and to add an interesting touch to our event, we were given fabric printed with tea party designs to make our own place mats.   As you can imagine, there were as many place mat designs as there were quilters present! Blending with our handwork were our china cups and sauces with plates holding delicious dainties. We all decided it was a great way to start our new season of quilting.
Following our Tea, we welcomed our speaker, Christine Penney, volunteer leader of It's My Very Own--Bags of Love. She shared the work of their ministry in assisting the Department of Human Services when it becomes necessary for the DHS to remove children from their homes. She made it obvious that we quilters and that mission can work well together. Volunteers make quilts and sew bags which are filled with items a child can use such as toys, books, and personal hygiene products.  A special-for-me quilt is also in each fabric bag. On the front of the bag is a large pocket to hold a special stuffed animal. It is certainly a very special gift to give the child under very difficult circumstances.
This program accepts donations of fabric, toys, and personal hygiene items. They also accept quilt tops and finished quilts--48x60".  For more information, call Christine Penney at 369-9590.