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Monday, September 29, 2014

Maine Quilts Needs You!

Maine Quilts needs a chairperson for Shipped Quilts and a Chairperson or group to chair Merchandise. Please consider joining us for these positions and help Maine Quilts 2015 be
 a success!
 Contact Callie Lavoie, Maine Quilts Coordinator at or 207-646-8773h or 207-216-7358c.


1. Duties of Chairperson / Committee

A. Work with Coordinator to set dates for shipping quilts.
                   B. As quilts arrive:
1. Verify the return postage is included.

2. Check to see the quilts have the required sleeve and a non-plastic bag.

3. Pin the numbers sent by the Quilt Registrar on the quilt and bag.

4. Check the judged quilts to make sure there isn't any name showing.

5. Send email or post card to owner confirming receipt of quilt.

C. Check quilts off the list received from Quilt Registrar when they arrive.

D. Inform Quilt Registrar about what hasn't arrived by deadline.

E. Deliver quilts to site between designated hours on Wednesday prior to the show.

F. At takedown, pick up quilts.

G. Repack quilts and mail back to owner.


1. Duties of Chairperson/Committee

             a. Store merchandise until the show.

             b. Inventory merchandise when order is delivered.

             c. Sells Maine Quilts merchandise and pins at Members’ Meetings.*

             d. Inventory merchandise after Members’ Meetings and inform Coordinator how many of 
                 each item are sold.

             e. Deliver merchandise to show site.

             f. Set up Maine Quilts Sales tables.

             g. Arrange with Volunteer chairperson for volunteers (3-4 per shift).

             h. Inventory unsold merchandise at close of show.

Callie Lavoie, Maine Quilts Coordinator
Pine Tree Quilters Guild, Inc.